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Business and product ideas I've had over time that I think hold water if done right.

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I take the biggest piece of news from each week and give you my take and insights. Served lukewarm.

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Some books that I have read over the past few years post grad.

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Are We In Store For A Modern Day Meet The Robinsons?
Yo,   I hope everyone had a good week. Personally, I probably looked more like Mitch McConnell this week than anything else. If you know me, you know...
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Insurance 1
Like A Good Neighbor?
Yo,   Hope everyone had a great weekend! The only thing hotter than the Southwest United States right now is the movie theaters, thanks to Barbie (hot...
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Running Backs 1
The Le'Veon Bell Effect: How Bell Ruined Paydays For Running Backs
Yo,   Hope everyone had a good week! Despite my attempt to stump y’all by picking two different scenes from the same movie on Tuesday, the lucky winner...
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