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I write two blogs a week: one contains a business idea and one contains important news from the week. You’re going to read both.

Alzheimer's drug
Drugs, Love 'em or Hate 'em, They're Always Controversial
Yo, Happy Friday to cap off what’s been for many of us, a short week. Five days in and my resolutions are still going strong, only had to make one adjustment....
Seeing Green on the Green
Yo, Happy New Year, I hope you were all able to kick your feet up and enjoy some time with family and friends over the holidays. Maybe a hot take, but...
Who Do We Owe?
Yo, I hope everyone’s had a good week. With New Years right around the corner I’ve been thinking about what my resolutions will be. Typically, I have...
Does Your Rolex Do This?
Yo, Hope everyone had a good weekend! Thanks to those who corrected me on Friday, the Home Alone character’s name is Marv, not Marty. I even watched...
SBF = Some Bahamian Fraud
Yo, I hope everyone’s had a good week, and thanks to those who left reviews which can now be seen on the website, there were definitely some interesting...
Information Asymmetry
I Know Something You Don't
Yo, I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend! I completed all my Christmas shopping in 4 hours on Sunday, which was a first for me. How much time and...