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I write two blogs a week: one contains a business idea and one contains important news from the week. You’re going to read both.

Chatting with ChatGPT
Yo, I hope everyone’s had a good week. I find that in December you’re either super busy meeting year end goals, or things are super slow as everyone...
Prop Planes
Takin' to the Skies
Yo, Hope everyone had a good weekend. I couldn’t think of a good intro this week so let’s just get into it. The rest of it will be good, I promise. I...
Rail Road
That Could've Been Rail-y Bad
Yo, I hope everyone’s had a good week. The nice thing about the holiday season is we’re only a few more weeks away from some more vacation time…that...
Red, White, Blue, and the DMV Sucks
Yo, I hope everyone had a great holiday weekend with family, friends, and football. Mild take: If you’re feeling sluggish after eating all that food,...
Happy Turkey Day
Yo, I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. Turkey eaten, Turkey Trot ran, nap taken, and football watched. With inflation being at the center of...
decentralized eye exam
Warby Parker Walked So We Could Run
Yo, Last week we talked about decentralization, specifically how it can be used to disrupt two big, slow-moving industries: healthcare and government....