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I write two blogs a week: one contains a business idea and one contains important news from the week. You’re going to read both.

The Spinning Wheel Of Gameshow Hosts
Yo,   Hope everyone had a good week! We made it, Fourth of July is on the clock. I hope everyone enjoys the vacation wearing nothing but America themed...
A Hotter, More Relatable Tony The Tiger
Yo,   Hope everyone had a good weekend! Just hold on, more corporate holiday vacation coming up. I was in a meeting with our marketing team this morning...
Come On In, The Water's Fine
Yo,   I hope everyone had a good week. I was going to title this one “Rescue Efforts Taking a Deep Dive to Find the Submarine That Took a Deep Dive to...
Healthcare consulting
Less Tech Bro, More Hardhats
Yo,   Hope everyone had a good weekend! Everyone knows about consulting, mostly because consultants like to make it known that they are, in fact, a consultant....
Bud Light
Big Businesses With Big Problems
Yo,   I hope everyone had a good week, and about 30% of y’all have a long weekend due to Juneteenth on Monday. Sadly, I do not, but enjoy.  This month...
Epic Pass For Golf
Yo,   I hope everyone had a great weekend! Not quite going to be talking about adventure outfitters this week, but we are still sticking to extreme sports…...