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I write two blogs a week: one contains a business idea and one contains important news from the week. You’re going to read both.

Commanding You To Sell
Yo,   I hope everyone had a good week, writing you right before hopping on a plane to the good ole dirty Columbus. The big news this past week has been...
How Much I Make From Ads
Yo,   I hope everyone had a great weekend!  I am travelling this week and didn’t have much time to deep dive into an idea this week, so I decided to give...
Checks Over Stripes
Yo,   Hope everyone had a good week. The weather here was nice all week, so that’s a plus.   I meant to send this one out a few weeks back but thought...
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The One Time Hoarders Can Be Considered Smart
Yo,   I hope everyone had a great weekend, and Happy Easter to those who celebrate. With Easter brunch becoming such a fad, I joined in on the festivities...
Frank fraud
When "Fudging the Data" Goes Too Far
Yo,   Hope everyone has had a good week.   I think we all remember standing in our high school chemistry class, after spending an hour on a lab, only...
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I Finally Know What You're Saying
Yo,   I hope everyone had a great weekend!   I made the brave, and probably regrettable decision to try and run a half marathon by the end of the month...