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I write two blogs a week: one contains a business idea and one contains important news from the week. You’re going to read both.

east palestine
You Never Know Until It's Too Late
Yo, Happy Friday, I hope everyone had a great week. However, I know a lot of people did not have a good week. In fact, there was so much going on this...
It Pays to be Attractive, Literally
Yo, Hope everyone had a great weekend! In the words of the great MJ, “I’m back”. Hope you enjoyed, or at least were able to put up with some topics from...
desert island
The Tribe Has Spoken
Yo, If you’ve made it this far in the guest series, congratulations: it’s the grand finale. AKA, the best guest writer in the game is here to bring you...
Is It "Just a Phase"?
Yo, Another week, another beautiful Tuesday coming at ya (unless you live in the midwest, it’s been anything but beautiful out). I’m just...
Food pyramid
"New" Addition to the Food Pyramid: Insects
Yo, Happy Friday everyone, hope y’all had a great week. Can I just say I told you so on the Adani press? Adani has lost over $50 billion of his...
Dealer New Cars Stock
EV-olution in the Auto Industry
Yo, Happy Tuesday from, matt fans. I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. I’m Andrew, and I’ve taken over from, matt for the day. So here we go. Welcome...