Happy Turkey Day


I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. Turkey eaten, Turkey Trot ran, nap taken, and football watched.

With inflation being at the center of conversations let’s go through just how much more expensive that Thanksgiving meal you just had was:

Turkey: 24% increase from 2021

Potatoes: 20% increase from 2021

Salad: 9% increase from 2021

Cranberry Sauce: 18% increase from 2021

Pie Ingredients: 23-75% increase from 2021.

Overall, the average Thanksgiving meal is projected to come in around $64 this year. Just over a $10 difference from last year’s average of $53.93.

Let’s compare that to the difference last year:

Moral of the story: it’s a good year to be particularly thankful.

Let’s have ourselves a weekend and Go Blue.

from, matt

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