A smattering of things I’ve worked on that make me stand out.

Or just some support for the claims I make in the About page, you choose.


If you really want all of the details, here they are!

Morning Brew Writing Sample

This website alone got me an interview with Morning Brew. Here’s what I wrote for my application!

CEO Recognition Letter

I was a key member in scaling a COVID test from the back of a napkin to over 11B in sales, so the CEO wrote me a letter.

Medical School Acceptance Letter

Yes, I actually did get into medical school. Fire Up Chips?

Consulting Work

My experience handling the COVID test supply chain landed me some consulting gigs. Here’s some code I used to overhaul and automate inventory for a few companies.

CAD Work

SolidWorks is life. I still like to extrude some surfaces and fillet some edges every now and then. Here’s a sample assembly.

Research Publication #1

Not the most thrilling read, but it is interesting to me. Here’s my first publication on nanoemulsion and the flu vaccine.

Who let this guy get published twice (Research Publication #2)

Back to back, just like Jordan ’96-’97. Here’s my second publication.

Medical Device Abstract

Spent the better part of 4 years trying to get this medical device off the ground. This abstract summarizes it well.

Matt Ruge