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Happy Tuesday y’all, hope everyone had an incredible weekend! Thanks to my good friend Matt, I am honored to be a guest writer on this week’s Tuesday post (I like country slang a little more than Matt, so if y’all read this whole thing in a Ted Lasso voice, it will be much more enjoyable) giving an idea that has been jumping like jumping jacks around my head for a while now.

The most anticipate weekend of the year, but who’s planning it?

As a washed-up college grad, there are few things that bring me as much joy as seeing all of my old pals stumble and fall over each other laughing about something stupid. But you see, things aren’t as easy as they used to be – I can’t walk across the hall and bang on someone’s door until they answer.

As the great song River and Roads reminds us, growing old means moving in with significant others, chasing dream jobs, working 20 hours a day in the Big Apple because “it’s just what you do in this business”, and losing touch with friends.

Sad yet? Me too but wipe those tears, because with every problem comes an opportunity.

As a result of drifting apart, there is a serious amount of planning needed to bring a large group together and nobody wants to be left out, pay more, etc. Welcome to HAEF (because four letter company names are in, right?) – Homie’s Aimin’ for Easy Fun.

What does it offer that an easy google search can’t?

Well, to be blunt, not much, which is the point.

I’ve put my fair share of money into 1 in a million parlays, and I would still take those odds over a group of 10 guys successfully researching and coordinating a trip on their own. That’s where HAEF comes in, operating as a website or an app.

It’s as simple as one person entering the locations of your group, date of travel, and type of residence you want to be in (city, rural, region of the country) and watch it do its thing. Currently, there are websites out there that produce just a halfway point. You know what they don’t offer?

  • Lodging (likely Airbnb, VRBO, even hotel chains) based on your preferences
  • Flights – costs as equal as possible across the group
  • Driving miles & gas prices for those close, within a ‘casual’ driving time (which is a whole separate topic, casual driving time. Some of y’all couldn’t make it across Kansas City without stopping)
  • Family owned, black owned, women owned establishments that allow your group to support Local
  • Activities near such as breweries, hiking or camping, sporting events, BBQ sauce tastings, etc.

Think about Expedia, Kayak, or Travelocity, but on steroids. Much more user friendly and informative. The travel industry is in large part segmented, so centralizing information for each leg of the journey in one place is invaluable.

In fact, billionaire Paul English had this same idea when he made middle.net. This was before he pivoted to making Kayak but has gone on the record thinking that it’s still a good idea.

I’m sure I forgot a few things, but the sky is the limit. It could easily reach other markets outside of the boys meeting up just to shoot the breeze as well: bachelor/bachelorette parties, small weddings, business meetings for startups, or even dog walking competitions. They need their weekends too.

How would it make money?

Just like essentially everything else at the moment, you could take advantage of affiliate deals. Taking a small slice of every booking. Only this time you’d be referring an Airbnb hosted by Cindy instead of a huge hotel conglomerate like Marriot.

Flavor & Fire

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Take us home, Coach Beard

Nearly 49% of Americans take the time to plan a vacation every year.

Of the 51% that don’t, I personally guarantee that at a minimum, 1% (3,319,00) of the 51% people let plans fall through due to all the leg work.

Or, of the elite who do plan a trip, it causes them more stress than that NYC 20-hour day job I mentioned earlier.

I am a firm believer that life is meant to be spent without going a single day not telling someone you care about them (here come the tears again). And, to take it one step further, among the infinite number of tools and resources available to help old friends connect, there should always be something around the corner making it even easier.

This idea came from being a part of many trips that I wouldn’t change the world for. If you seek more laughs in life, don’t be afraid to be the one to plan them.

Or for those looking for a business idea; make the thing that plans them.

And remember, it’s not gambling if you know it will win. Let’s be great this week, y’all.

‘Til Friday.

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